Title: Welcome To Fame!
Challenge: Learn To Tune Your Voice First and learn to wave surf
Winner(s): Screaming Singers
Eliminated: Courtney

Title: The Big Rehearsal
Challenge: a 20 kilometer run around the Building then rehearsal
Winner(s):Killer Vocals
Eliminated:Duncan (QUIT)

Title: SingingBrawl
Challenge: A round of Singing Brawl aka Singing Dodgeball
Winner(s):Killer Vocals

Title: Not Quite a Good Singer
Challenge:Each Team Will Pick 3 People To Compete In The Talent Show That Chris Judges
Winner(s):Screaming singers

Title: Singer Phobia
Challenge:Each Person will Have To Face Many Past Singers Fears such as a BIG audience

Title: TDS: The First Singing Aftermath
Challenge:Chris and Chef Will Interview The Past 5, Eliminated Contestants
Winner(s): NONE
Eliminated: NONE

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